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On Masala

masala (n.) /mə'sɑ:lə/
A mixture of ground spices used in Indian cooking, most often containing cardamom, coriander and/or mace.
Etymology: Hindi masalah spice(s), from Persian maslahat affair, policy, best thing to do; derived from Arabic sálaha be fit, competent, usable.
Sources: Merriam-Webster, Collins, Wiktionary


I'm a designer and a developer. I push the pixels and write the code to interfaces like this one. I've also worked with print and illustration, and I cheerfully apply a healthy dose of usability nerdery to everything I do—even those things to which the term “usability” isn't normally applied.

You'll find more on all that in my portfolio and skill graphs.

So I'm a pixel pusher-tag mangler-music maker-hair splitter-storysmith, and I've been called Miss There's-More-Than-One-Definition-of-That (that'd be the hair-splitting, I'd wager). I also draw, dance and educate, I know far more about maths than a lot of people deem necessary, I've been known to hawk home-made corsets to unsuspecting friends and just now I'm trying to construct a language from scratch. And, oh, I'm learning Icelandic.

If you'd like to know more, drop me a line or browse around.