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Copyrights & Notices

This site was designed and coded by me, Erika Nilsson.

All design elements and code I've personally produced for the site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Licence. Above all, this means that you're allowed to reuse and adapt them to your needs, but that if you do so you must mention my name and web site address somewhere, and your work must use the same licence as mine. Also, while it's not part of the legalese, do consider letting me know that I've inspired you; I'd love to include a link to you somewhere.

Exceptions to the above

The most notable exceptions to the above licence are the fonts I use, namely Bebas Neue by Dharma Type, Migraine Serif by StereoType, Pacifico by Vernon Adams and Amaranth by Gesine Todt.

The curly divider is from an ornaments pack by Clipart deSIGN Ltd and the fleuron is from Wingdings 2. The social media icons on my Contact card are from the Simple Icons set, except from a small number which were taken from the respective sites's own logo packs.

I also use some scripts and hacks originally written by other people, most notably the Kwicks and FitText jQuery plugins.

The background is adapted from a chalk drawing by my stepson. He insisted it represents a playground.